A Women’s Take on Chamber Music Improvisation

Music improvisation

Four talented musicians lend themselves to musical improvisation, creating entirely new pieces inspired by their captain’s prompts. Thanks to the naturally long, round reverberating acoustics of the Monastère des Augustines’ vaults, the artists can make their instrument resonate without amplification, creating pure moments of suspended time and, who knows, perhaps an opportunity for solemn contemplation. The title of the improvised pieces are nods to the history of women’s religious communities who, through their ceaseless work and tenacity throughout the ages, have contributed to the development and growth of Quebec.

Ligue d’improvisation musicale de Québec

The Ligue d’improvisation musicale de Québec was founded to create musical improvisation shows. It has adapted for the music world the famous concept of the LNI improvisation matches.

This concert is part of the SUNDAY INTIMATE STROLL. Reserve your spot for one of the three departures of the day:


Monastère des Augustines

Since 2015, the Monastère des Augustines has been offering cultural and wellness activities in a non-denominational setting. With its service offering focused on heritage and holistic health, this non-profit continues the tradition of care of the Augustines, a hospitable community that arrived in Quebec in 1639.


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