Guided appreciation of two works from the piano repertoire

The lullaby is the basis of many immortal musical works. One need only think of all the lullabies and other pieces whose rhythmic motifs, repeated endlessly, seem to invite calm, even sleep. The barcarolle, on the other hand, seeks to recreate the constant rolling of the waves, the rocking of the boat.

From the minds of Les P’tits Mélomanes du Dimanche, this short performance proposes an allegory in two parts on rocking. On stage, pianist Maurice Laforest and acrobat Élodie Sanna will transport you into their imaginary world, for the aural and visual pleasure of young and old alike!

Les P’tits Mélomanes du Dimanche

Les P’tits Mélomanes du Dimanche offers a unique introduction to classical music thanks to the mix of mediums they use.

Carter Hall, Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral has a reputation for its musical acoustics and is an exceptional venue for the performance of various styles of music. From emerging musicians to virtuosos, from classical to jazz to Eucharistic chant, discover a varied program throughout the year.

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