Musique de table

Selections from the collection Tafelmusik by baroque composer G.P. Telemann

The table is the quintessential gathering place, whether we sit around it to share our everyday meals or to celebrate important events. In the Baroque period, a repertoire was specifically composed for feasts and banquets: table music (“Tafelmusik” in German). This type of music is light and happy, like the events where it was played.

The most famous work of “table music” is undoubtedly Tafelmusik (1733) by German composer Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767). La Chamaille has selected the most beautiful excerpts from this collection and is performing it with a quartet (two flutes, one theorbo and one archlute).

La Chamaille

La Chamaille has devoted itself for nearly 20 years to the Renaissance and Baroque repertoires, which it performs on period instruments.

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