Musique pour Marie-Josephte, dite La Corrivaux

Early Music

The hanging of Marie-Josephte Corrivaux still resonates today thanks to various authors who turned her character into a witch. Historical research now shows that it was rather the most sordid circumstances in a pivotal moment of our history that led her to the gallows in 1763. This tragic story made an impression on a society on the verge of great changes. The ensemble J’ay pris amours wanted to recreate the musical backdrop of that particular time by drawing inspiration from the Old World as well as from the New World. What kind of music did these authors listen to at the time?

Ensemble J’ay pris amours

The ensemble J’ay pris amours has already produced several works and stands above all for its particular sound, the result of its passionate labour of love.

Pôle culturel du Monastère des Ursulines

The Pôle culturel, a non-profit organization, is responsible for managing the museum and its collections, and looks after the community’s historical and administrative archives. It also plans activities to promote the cultural, artistic, archival, religious and educational legacy of the Ursulines.

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