Centenaire de l'accordéoniste Gérard Lajoie (1923-2023)

Traditional Music from Québec

The year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of accordionist Gérard Lajoie. Born in the working-class district of Saint-Sauveur in Québec City, the musician became famous in the late 1940s when he participated in the radio program “Les Montagnards Laurentiens,” broadcasted on CHRC. His impressive catalogue attests to his undeniable popularity. His particular way of playing the accordion, with verve and vigour, has influenced generations of musicians not only in Québec City, but also all around the province.

Carrefour mondial de I'accordéon de Montmagny

Since 1989, the Carrefour mondial de I’accordéon de Montmagny showcases the best accordionist the world has to offer.

Victoria Kiosk, Dufferin Terrace - Parks Canada

As guardian of the fortifications, Parks Canada protects and present this Old Quebec’s heritage gem, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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