Madame Klezovitch

World Music

Madame Klezovitch’s repertoire recreates the melodies of the klezmorim ensembles, the wandering musicians who performed wedding music from village to village in the Ashkenazi Jewish communities of the ancient region of Bessarabia (current-day Moldova, Romania and Ukraine). Today, we know this type of wedding music as Klezmer music. The songs are in Yiddish, an ancient German dialect mixed with Hebrew and Russian, spoken at the time by the Eastern European communities.

Productions Strada

Blazing its own trail since 1986, Strada, always a bit quirky, boldly pursues its curious quest for the extraordinary, at the frontier of different musical trends.

College Hall, Morrin Centre

The Morrin Centre is a nationally recognized heritage site and leading English-language cultural centre located in the heart of historic Old Quebec City. Travel through time in the gloomy prison, the Victorian college and the beautiful library, through a rich programming in the areas of heritage interpretation, education, and the arts.

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